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This is a discussion community for mothers and soon to be mothers in the Ottawa area.
This community will be focusing on family activities, topics, and ideas in the Ottawa area. It may also be a great place for people coming to visit the nations capital to find child friendly things to do.

Please introduce yourself to the group!!
001. Name:
002. Age:
003. Marital Status:
004. Children’s sex/ages or EDD:
005. Anything else you want us to know:
006. Pictures! (Please place pictures under a livejournal cut, and delete this sentence, thank you.)

Please be nice. This is a supportive parenting community, there are snark communities out there if that is what you are looking for!

As much as we are called ottawa_mommy Daddy’s and alternative parents are welcome too!

This is my first go at a community so please help me as much as you can! To me community means we work together not a dictatorship! Thanks gang!

That being said please put pictures behind a cut and don’t change the default font. :')

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